nike air vortex retro September 14, 2018 3:34 AM

By : opsodpasdo

nike shoes 2018 The mid-80’s V-Series are back with one of their models: Air Vortex. This sneaker is known to have the most staying power over the rest of the V-series, Vector and Vengeance. It was somehow forgotten for some time but came back few years ago with strength and excitement from all Nike’s vintage 1980s runners fans. Since then, it has been released several times in different colorways and limited editions proving why it is one of Nikes' Classic everlasting models.

nike shoes women buy The runner revolution may be fully underway but Nike has had a foot in the game for years now. Case in point is the Nike Air Vortex, which is still kicking ass to this day.

nike shoes mens cheap The shoe’s upper features a suede and nylon build that is dressed gorge green. A vibrant chilling red tone works the leather Nike swoosh and heel, as well as the inner lining. A white midsole completes the nostalgic look, which a black rubber outsole is applied.

nike air vortex retro The perfect shoe for everyday wear, the Nike Air Vortex will come dressed in three OG-inspired colorways that consists of Red/White, Navy/White and Black/Grey.

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