In the summer, it is rain that is raging; October 11, 2018 4:19 AM

By : ylq

In the summer, it is rain that is raging; in autumn, it is the yellow leaves that fall on the ground; in winter, it is the white snow that is like a goose. Only spring, the most incredible spring, has raised the miracle of life that is flaming and flaming. It is lively and fascinating, and dazzling. Inscription the monotonous winter, I always look forward to spring. Looking forward to her grass long flying, silk dyke, looking forward to her thousand trees Qionghua, blue waves, looking forward to her Lanxin sedge, moist like a cake; looking forward to her spring full garden, red and rain.oday, spring has arrived. Spring is the most beautiful season of the year. Throughout the ages, people have used almost all the beautiful words and verses to describe and praise spring Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Spring brings vitality and brings hope.pring, warmth and spleen Newport 100S, "drinking clothes to wet apricot rain, blowing face is not cold Yang Liufeng Carton Of Newports."pring, fleeting, "Linhua thanked Chunhong, too hurried." So "there is a flower that can be folded straight, and it is not necessary to spend the flowers."pring, bleak and sleek, "The sky is rainy and crisp, and the grass is close to the sky."In spring, the wine is fragrant. "Where is the place where the restaurant is, the shepherd boy refers to the apricot village."Spring, the soul is dreaming, "Where is the spring? There is no way to be lonely. If someone knows where to go in spring, call back to live together."Spring, bright spring, mild spring, came back, and came to my side. You are always dancing gently in the mountains, so close and intimate. It��s always impossible to forget the intoxicating dreams. I walked among the trees in the shade, looking for the charming spring scenery.I am involved in the deep valley. Follow the mountain and go upstream. A ribbon of poetic warmth, gently blowing over my cheeks, always makes people miss. It's not hard to imagine that the green is always around you. Green, refreshing, never tired of it, it represents the color of life, the color of nature. The long-lost green, after a winter, has returned to its freshness and brightness. I knew that I was stopped in the woods and asked me to catch up. Singing "The Story of Spring" in my mouth, I thought about the joy of summer. What is lacking is the harmony of the birds, which makes people listen to them.I, sometimes, shuttled through the woods, and sometimes climbed and stood on the rocks. The only belief in my heart is -- keep going up! The spring is under the feet, and these soils are filled with the meaning of spring, becoming moist and energetic. There is a stream of clear springs in the valley. Keep flowing down, flowing into my heart, nourishing my heart. If I drink old wines that have been hidden for many years, I am slightly drunk. I look forward to the vision, as if the heavens and the earth are on my chest. I seem to be the mountain, the mountain god who is in charge of the mountains and forests. I am always a little proud of it. The water is flowing down, the mountains are long, and I am like a mountain, constantly moving forward. The nearly 90-degree hillside failed to slide me down the deep valley; the old tree failed to stumble me Wholesale Cigarettes. Although the knee was bruised; the hand was scratched; the higher the mountain, the harder it was to breathe; the sweat slid down like water. But that is all for the sacrifice of resistance. Fight against yourself and fight against nature. The eyes are always on the top of the mountain, the target is there, the highest end of the mountain! People say: "The benevolent Leshan, the wise man is happy" Today I walked through the room Newport Cigarettes Price, absorbing the aura of heaven and earth and the essence of the sun and the moon! 

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